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About Us

Quick Facts

  • Preparations begin between 2-3 A.M. so we can open at 6 A.M.
  • We once sold bread on QVC
  • We have been featured in the Kansas tourism magazine as one of the best places to stop for pie.
  • We have 10+ employees; several have been working here 10 years or longer.
  • There has been a bakery at this location since 1978 when it was moved from next door where it began in 1954
  • Listed as one of the top ten Bakery’s in Kansas
  • Recognized for our pies & cinnamon rolls 

Linda Martin, Owner

On November 4, 1995 the bakery/restaurant was opened as a second location.  The first, Main Street Bakery & Sandwich Shoppe in Smith Center was opened November 2, 1993.  About two years later (after discovering the Third Street Bakery was quickly taking over my life), the bakery/restaurant in Smith Center was sold.

Prior to starting my own business, I managed the bakery/deli for Dale’s Supermarket in Smith Center.

2010- My three children are all involved in the business in some way.  This is really interesting only because when all three were growing up they wanted to move away and did not want to be involved in the business.  They’re all back!! And they’ve multiplied!!  My six year old granddaughter, Remi is amazing at frosting and decorating cookies (no, we haven’t put any out to sell…yet)!! And Cayden, my 9 year old grandson is a fantastic waiter, I just can’t afford him.

Fast forward to 2017, some things have changed but we are still going strong.  We are currently listed as one of the top ten bakery’s in Kansas.  We are also recognized for being in the top ten for pies and the top ten for cinnamon rolls (seriously, if you haven’t had a sticky Carmel pecan roll you’re missing out.  GET IN THERE AND TRY ONE!) Remi is now able to sell what she frosts and she is also working more and more each day.  As for Cayden, he has moved away and we miss him terribly but, we are proud of the man he is becoming.  He qualified for state last year in Cross Country and track!! Although Kinzy doesn’t help work so much, she helps clean up food.  In one sitting this little 9 year old can eat 8 chicken legs! 😮  My kids are not as involved in the business as much but am blessed that we are still able to spend time together.  I have also added a new person to the family, my husband Kelly.  (I try to put him to work as much as I can, however, his work already keeps him very busy too.)  I’m very blessed to have also added two more daughters and families, both with very young children.  So get ready, the next update will have more grandchildren stories.